Spark discharges from excess metal particles gave Quill Vogue the impetus to develop the »SLM Wash« station. It can be used for cleaning SLM-manufactured components, because excess powder can lead to real problems in downstream machining: the potentially combustible dust can, according to Quill Vogue, cause dangers in production facilities and endanger the health of employees.

The new »washing machine« will be presented for the fi rst time at formnext. SLM Wash removes and fi lters microparticles from SLM parts, even with complex structures. It can be used in manufacturing with titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The water used in the system is recycled, whereby all particles down to as small as 0.5 micrometers in diameter are fi ltered out. During cleaning, the machine operator can set the water pressure to between 0 and 50 bar according to workpiece and material, and various nozzles are available to achieve optimum cleaning results.



Quill Vogue at formnext 2017:

  • Hall 3.0 - Booth G20