The power of four nozzels

With a new print head Multec increases the range additive production

Multirap M800 is the name of a new 3D printer from Multec GmbH, with which the company presents the patented Multex4Move print head with four nozzles. According to Multec, Multirap M880 is the only 3D printer with 4 nozzles printing independently and not interfering with each other.

The Multirap M800 offers a print area of 650 x 500 x 800 mm and a closed filament storage system for up to eight rolls. This enables to produce parts by using different materials and flow rates at the same time. Alternatively, long-term production or continuous printing can also be realized.

Fusion Factory combines printing, debinding and sintering

Multec also announced its cooperation with Xerion Berlin Laboratories GmbH at Formnext 2018. At Formnext, Xerion presents the Fusion Factory, an all-in-one 3D printing system for processing metal filaments. The Fusion Factory combines all work steps in one machine: printing, debinding and sintering.

With the technologies from Xerion, Multec expands its range by metal filaments. This makes it conceivable, for example, to create material combinations of metal and ceramics in a single operation. Multec is also planning a larger version of the M800 called the M1000. As an extension module an intelligent print head will be offered.