Editorial 02 2017

by Sascha F. Wenzler


While most of us are enjoying the summer, it probably seems a bit dull to some of the soccer fans out there. This year's national champions have already been crowned across Europe, and there's no upcoming continental tournament or World Cup to spread the usual euphoria in the months ahead. Instead, teams will have time to adjust their systems, improve their creativity on the field, or, as coaches like to preach, »practice routines until they come naturally«.

Soccer is tremendously popular right here in Frankfurt, as well. Sometimes our teams put on refined, strategic performances, but more often than not – and I hope the die-hard Eintracht fans reading this will forgive me – they rely on their grit and determination.

Sporting that same kind of creativity and passion, we're ready to kick off the third season of the formnext conference and exhibition. Our own strategy is based on a rock-solid back line of service-oriented veterans and some neat tiki-taka among various industries, which will be bouncing ideas off each other at midfield. Up front, we'll be spread out wide with a deep squad of exhibitors that will be going for goal in a number of innovative ways.

In just our first two seasons, we managed to excite fans around the world and add a lot more exhibitors to our team. Part of this success has definitely been due to the two years we’ve spent drilling our formnext tactics, which are coming more and more naturally to our event personnel. And while you can count on the formnext team to have its service game running like clockwork, the fresh, compelling ideas we keep coming up with make us as unpredictable as any great soccer club.

This edition of fon mag brings you all the latest on our activities and those of our partners throughout the industry. I'm glad to have you on board as an exhibitor, visitor, partner, or fan as the formnext fan bus rolls on to join the champions league of exhibitions.

Sascha F. Wenzler