Editorial 03 2017

by Sascha F. Wenzler

A few weeks back, Usain Bolt ran the 100-meter dash for the last time in his career. The six-foot, five-inch Jamaican world record holder and eight-time Olympic champion had dominated the world of sprinting seemingly at will since 2008. There were even instances where Bolt ran with a shoe untied, took his foot off the gas after just 80 meters, and still won gold. It was almost as if his place at the top of the podium had been written into the rules of the sport. Then came Bolt‘s final race, however, where it was astonishing to watch him grit his teeth, fight all the way to the finish line... and come in third. Even legends like Usain Bolt are forced to realize that in sports, someone will eventually rise up and pass you by.

In the industrial realm, one‘s personal best in the 100 meters is decidedly less important than competitive advantages in knowledge and efficiency. That said, speed (in the form of timeto- market) does play a definitive role in modern production and Additive Manu?facturing. Perhaps more than any other sector, the additive world is full of innovations and driven by a pace that is virtually unmatched in the wider industry. After all, resting on the laurels of one‘s previous achievements can quickly become dangerous. Countless companies are already on the starting blocks, just waiting to dash past those who fail to keep their finger on the current pulse.

Having been assembled just three years ago, the formnext team is still only as old as many start-ups. Over that period, formnext has undergone an impressive transformation and established itself as one of the world‘s leading exhibitions. Meanwhile, those of us on the formnext team have worked to preserve part of our start-up character. We’re still curious, open to new developments, and willing to explore the roads less traveled. This reflects the spirit of the exhibitors and partners with whom we maintain a close and constructive dialog.

It never fails to amaze us how fast-paced and dynamic our industry is, and formnext 2017 will once again be packed with an impressive amount of innovation. In this issue, we want to give you a taste of the breakthrough solutions and technologies our exhibitors plan to show off this year.

I hope you enjoy the read and look forward to seeing you at formnext in November!

Sincerely, Sascha F. Wenzler
Vice President formnext