Rising Awareness for Desktop SLS

2020/08/13 — To further increase awareness of its desktop SLS technology, the Polish 3D printer manufacturer Sinterit has opened its own 3D printing center. Since July, components can be ordered directly here. 20 Lisa Pro 3D printers are used to produce components in six different polymer materials.

Sinterit emphasizes that the new 3D printing center is not intended to compete with other service providers. »Our main goal is to raise awareness of advanced SLS technology«, explains Michal Krzak, PR Manager at Sinterit. »Our center operates only on one printer type - the Lisa Pro. So, we offer a very dedicated sevice and not the entire range of SLS technology.«

According to Sinterit’s CEO Maxime Polesello more and more companies are looking into SLS 3D printing technology. »Until now companies who would like to test this technology had two options: to send files to one of the service centers or directly to the printer manufacturer. We are just making the second option more convenient and user-centric.«

SLS 3D printing ecosystem has been developed

Materials offered range from stiff and robust PA11 Onyx and PA12 Smooth to soft and elastic TPUs and TPE. »People are afraid of things that are unknown to them or are associated with very high-level skills needed to operate«, adds Krzak. As already existing for big industrial SLS machines, a SLS 3D printing ecosystem has been developed by Sinterit. »Herewith we show that SLS 3D printing can be easy, affordable, and easy-to-reach of many companies, universities, and even private users.«

People interested in the possibilities of Sinterit’s 3D printers could order a free sample. According to the company this option will remain available.

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