»Smooth Surfaces without Solvent Waste«

Dyemansion and Powerfuse S selected for EU »Green Deal«

Text: Thomas Masuch; Photos: Dyemansion — 2020/09/15

»We see sustainability as a key obligation to all our activities«, says Felix Ewald, CEO & Co-Founder of Dyemansion. The young Munich company and its Vapor Polishing technology (called Vaporfuse Surfacing) are chosen for the »Green Deal« by the European Innovation Council (EIC). This is planned to be associated with a funding for Dyemansion of EUR 1.5 million.

The European Innovation Council has awarded over EUR 307 million to 64 game-changing »Green Deal« startups and SMEs out of 2000 applications contributing to the objectives of the European Green Deal Strategy and the Recovery Plan for Europe. The selected companies are based in 23 different countries, making this the most geographically diverse EIC call so far.

The Vapor Polishing System Powerfuse S runs with an eco-friendly solvent that is approved by the EU for food packaging and is used in many cosmetic products. It operates in a fully closed loop with integrated recycling of the solvent and no waste. The operation of the system is completely contact-free and fulfilling all industrial health & safety standards. »We thus ensure smooth and sealed surfaces without any solvent waste«, says Philipp Kramer, CEO & Co-Founder in an interview with Formnext Magazine. Founding partner Ewald adds that the company is thus helping to facilitate long-term economic growth without compromising social, ecological and cultural aspects. After all, Vaporfuse is »a key technology for taking 3D printing out of the prototype stage.«

realizing the market launch even better

Once there is a legal commentment with the EIC, Dyemansion plans to use the funding of EUR 1.5 million from the »Green Deal« program to expand the fields of application for Vaporfuse Surfacing. »With the funding, we can realize the market launch even better«, Ewald is pleased to say. This includes enlarging the material compatibility, providing specific ISO certifications and ensuring compliance of manufacturing standards for key sectors such as medical or food and beverage.

The Vaporfuse technology and the Powerfuse S had been launched at Formnext 2019. Accroding to Dyemansion, chemical smoothing has been often associated with harsh chemicals, toxic waste and single-use solvents before. These can not only cause serious harm to the operator, but also can lead to a bad environmental footprint. CMR solvents may even be classified as Substances of very High Concern (SVHC) in the future with stricter regulations for chemicals within the EU.

Vaporfuse Surfacing can deliver a reduced surface roughness of Ra less than 2 - even inside of complex tubes. Parts treated with Vaporfuse become pressure-tight and repel water, oil or other liquids. A possible bacterial growth on the surface can also be reduced.

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