3D printing metal parts over 3 meters long

The Lasertec 6600 DED hybrid is DMG Mori’s new large-format AM hybrid machine

2021-01-20 — With larger dimensions to new applications: DMG Mori is expanding its additive portfolio with the new Lasertec 6600 DED hybrid, offering a machine that can produce parts up to 1,010 mm x 3,702 mm in size using hybrid (additive & subtractive) technology. DMG Mori is targeting applications in the aerospace, oil and gas and aircraft industries, for example.

The Lasertec 6600 DED hybrid, like all machines in DMG Mori's DED series, uses a process called laser deposition welding with powder nozzle or direct energy deposition (DED): powder flowing through a nozzle is melted on the component surface by a laser beam. Compared to the powder bed process (SLM), the DED process has significantly higher build rates, making it suitable for large-format components and less complex designs, for example.

In a single setup, the components can be completed on the 5-axis machine by turning or milling. At the same time, the Lasertec 6600 DED hybrid offers the possibility that different metals and alloys can be processed in one component. For this purpose, the German-Japanese company offers the option of a multi-jet nozzle.

The new machine, which is based on the concept of a metal-cutting machine, is particularly impressive due to its voluminous build space and the extensive range of spindle travel (X-axis 1,040 mm, Y-axis 610 mm, Z-axis 3,890 mm). This should make the machine suitable, for example, for the production of rocket engines, oil well pipes for the energy industry and shafts for transport aircraft.

Possible applications:

Oil well pipe, crank shaft, rocket engine (from left to right). Source: DMG Mori

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