Renault Trucks Designs Engine for 3D Printing

When it comes to future engine production, the design division of Renault Trucks is looking to Additive Manufacturing. Its creative minds in Lyon have already developed a prototype variant of the company’s four-cylinder DTI 5 engine that is specifically designed for 3D printing.

Meanwhile, the division has also spent 600 hours putting a series of additive-manufactured components (including four-bar linkages and corresponding mounts) through their paces on a Euro 6 engine at its in-house testing facility.

»The goal of this project was to document the positive effects additive metal production can have on the size and weight of an engine,« explains Damien Lemasson, project lead at Renault Trucks. »These techniques enabled us to reduce the weight of a four-cylinder engine by 25%.« Lemasson reports that the completed trials have also proven the durability of 3D printed engines.

In addition, Renault Trucks managed to reduce the number of components that go into a DTI 5 engine by 25% (corresponding to around 200 of a typical engine’s 841 parts). According to Renault, the lighter engines made possible by 3D printing open the door to heavier loads and lower fuel consumption. Among other benefits, this should translate into lower fleet operating costs for transport companies.



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