Aresearch team from the Deakin University School of Engineering (Australia) is showing how to take on two of our planet's problems at the same time. Its members have developed a 3D printer designed specifically for developing regions that processes waste plastic into components for hygienic and sanitary purposes, among other uses.

The empty bottles and other plastic refuse they are shredding in the 3D Wash project are being turned into rolls of filament. In the first phase of the project, this filament is being used to produce spare parts for water supply systems.

The 3D printer in question runs on solar power, which makes production possible in very remote locations, as well. The team behind 3D Wash is currently planning to conduct a trial in the Solomon Islands. »If we make this technology dependable enough, it could also be used in a variety of other areas,« points out team leader Dr. Mazher Mohammed.




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