The numbers alone could represent a new milestone in 3D metal printing: In achieving production speeds up to 100 times faster than anything seen before, Desktop Metal says that it has made mass production economically viable in this field.

Based in Burlington (Massachusetts), USA, the company has unveiled two systems designed to cover the entire production cycle in both prototyping and series manufacturing. According to Desktop Metal, these units are capable of producing at a rate of 8,200 cm3 per hour – 100 times faster than conventional 3D metal-printing systems, in a leap that is »changing the laws of traditional metal production«.

Single Pass Jetting technology

Serving as the foundation of these systems is Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) technology: Here, parts are first formed using a mixture of metal powder and binding material in a proprietary process Desktop Metal has dubbed »bound metal deposition «. The parts are then sintered in a fully automated oven at temperatures up to 1,400° (C). Among other advancements, Desktop Metal is promising major simplifications thanks to integrated software that facilitates seamless printing based on CAD data.

Since its foundation in October 2015, the American company has received U.S.$97 million from its investors, which include GV (formerly Google Ventures), BMW, GE, Saudi Aramco, and Stratasys. Its workforce, now more than 100 employees strong, has submitted applications for more than 138 patents. The team that founded Desktop Metal includes MIT professors and thought leaders in the AM industry. The DM Studio System is scheduled to be available for delivery in August 2017, with the DM Production System following in early 2018.

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