The »3i-Print Project«, initiated by CSI Entwicklungstechnik, shows how the front-end structure of a VW Caddy youngtimer can be built using Additive Manufacturing. The project, which involved the companies Altair, APWORKS, EOS, GERG, and Heraeus, aims to demonstrate the full potential of industrial 3D printing and functional integration for the automotive industry.

Within the project, the companies covered all of the steps in the process chain – from design, through layout, calculation, and construction, to building and postprocessing of the 3D-printed assembly. The resulting 3D-printed front-end structure is particularly light, very stable, and has a high degree of functional integration.

The »3i-Print Project« is an open platform for collaboration, enabling rapid realization of new ideas. The project focused on two objectives: due to the electrification of the drive, the energy storage requirements, and the increasing electrification of actuators, the focus was above all on heat management, as well as reducing installation space and weight. At the same time, the structural requirements in terms of safety, performance, and comfort had to be met.

»3i-Print Projekt« at formnext 2017:

  • Presented at the booth of Altair and APWORKS: 3.1-F70