Lasersintering at Much Less Cost

With the new Fuse 1, Formlabs wants to make it considerably cheaper to switch to SLS printing methods. According to Formlabs, the laser sintering system can be purchased from as little as €9,999. Available materials are Nylon 12 and 11, which are suitable for 3D printing of particularly robust functional prototypes and end products. One example is pictured on the cover of the 2017-03 formnext magazine's printed edition: 3D-printed ski goggles.

With Form Cell, Formlabs is also creating a concept for fully automated production. »Form Cell combines the capability of the mostsold 3D printer on the market with industrial automation,« says Dávid Lakatos, Chief Product Offi cer at Formlabs.



Picture Gallery Fuse1:

Formlabs at formnext 2017:

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