SLS printing to save tiny lives

02/09/2018 - Pediatric cardiac surgery is one of the most demanding medical specialties. It needs to deal with delicate structures like tiny little hearts of neonates. 3D printing helps to plan surgery. Medical doctors are not the only beneficiaries, it is also important for the patients and in this case, parents to understand the situation and give the permission to operate.

An example is the story of Kordian, a 3-week old infant from Poland was suffering from the heart disease called interrupted aortic arch. Doctors along with the mother had to decide quickly about undertaking the procedure.

surgical precision

Doctors at University Clinical Center in Gda?sk, Poland, decided to use 3d printed model of Kordian’s heart in the original size as a support. The model of the heart was printed on the SLS printer Lisa. According to the Polish 3D printing manufacturer Sinterit, common FDM printers didn’t reach a solution that would provide surgical precision.

»Touching this printed model helped me realize the seriousness of my child‘s disease«, reported the mother. Today Kordian is 18 months old.

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