Know-how for your entry into 3D printing

With the premiere of the »discover3Dprinting« seminars formnext offers especially small and medium sized businesses, how to incorporate additive technologies into their production. We spoke to Christoph Stüker, project manager at the organizer of formnext Mesago Messe Frankfurt.


Christoph, what were the reasons for launching the »discover3Dprinting« seminars?

Next to our international conference aimed at 3D printing experts, »discover3Dprinting« attracts attendees who have just, or are about to enter the 3D printing world – for example developers, engineers and decision makers of SMEs. We have noticed that smaller companies are willing to adopt additive manufacturing, however, require more detailed information on the technology. Quite often visitors approach exhibitors with conventionally manufactured parts and ask whether they could print it. This may be a first step, but does not cover the full potential of 3D printing, where its advantages are incorporated at the design stage.


What may attendees expect from the seminars?

Whoever wishes to use additive manufacturing and more importantly wants to make money with it, has to change their mindset. You have to think additively through integrated functionalities, topology optimization and produce a group of components in one step, therefore avoiding assembly. Furthermore you should take into account the material and time savings 3D printing may bring. The 2-hour seminars cover various aspects ranging from the basics of this technology to the discussion of viable business cases and the first steps towards their successful implementation. Through this, attendees will be shown by the experts from ACAM where the limitations are and which applications do not lend themselves to this production method. One more point of focus will be the synergies offered by the combination of subtractive and additive technologies and how the process chains change in those cases.


How can I register for the seminars at formnext and will you continue this offering next year?

The discover3Dprinting seminars will run on all four days of formnext and will take place on the am4u area in hall 3.0 in the middle of the exhibition hall at 9.30am until 11.30am. On Wednesday, 15 November and Friday, 17 November it will be held in English.and on Tuesday, 14 November and Thursday, 16 November it will be held in German. Attending is free of charge for formnext visitors, however, please register through our website for discover3Dprinting as seats are limited. For 2018 we plan to continue the seminars not only at formnext, but also at other relevant events and locations for specific target audiences.

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