Millions invested for smooth surfaces

Dyemansion collects 4.5 million euros in a Series A financing round

Text: Thomas Masuch; Photo: Dyemansion - 11/09/2018

Dyemansion have now secured a $5mio Series A funding to expand their global business and extend their portfolio. As Felix Ewald, CEO & Founder, tells formnext magazine in an interview, a large part of the investment is to flow into »process and product development and the related personnel expenses«.

In addition to the further development of existing processes and machines, Dyemansion intends to present a new product development in the near future. »This process will enable completely smooth surfaces for parts made of powder-based plastic processes and thus solve another major problem on the market«, promises Ewald.

According to Dyemansion, Venture Capital Partners (UVC partner), btov Partners (btov Industrial Technologies Fund), and AM Ventures are participating in the financing round for entrepreneurship. As further important steps into the future, founder Ewald mentions the personnel expansion of all departments and the establishment of a team of application engineers. »This should help our customers to get into series production with additive manufacturing even faster«.

Go-to-market strategy

Within the past three years, DyeMansion has won more than 400 customers all over the globe that already benefit from their technology. Among them, global players like BMW, Daimler, Under Armour, HP, Shapeways, Materialise, and FKM. By the end of 2018, the young company plans to have more than 200 systems installed and expand its customer base to over 500 customers.

In addition, Dyemansion also intends to push ahead with internationalization. The Munich-based company is working closely with EOS and HP on this. »Our go-to-market strategy is based on strengthening existing customer interfaces«, says Kai Witter, Director Global Sales at Dyemansion. »We already have a global partnership with EOS, which is currently being implemented at full speed. We are in close coordination with HP and HP's channel partners in Europe, the Americas and Asia and will announce further partnerships shortly«.