Ricardo Simian wins purmundus Challenge with 3D-printed »Keyed wind instrument«

Ricardo Simian from 3D Music Instruments has won the first prize of the purmundus Challenge 2018 with the 3D-printed »Keyed wind instrument«. At today's award ceremony, which took place as part of Formnext 2018, the other winners of the purmundus Challenge were also honoured. This year, the competition took place under the motto »3D printing prepares us for the future«.

With the »Keyed wind instrument« Simian has implemented a new key design for wind instruments that does not require an additional mechanism or springs. Simian uses the Cornetto as a model for this development, a Renaissance wind instrument that was previously difficult to master due to its length and unusual hole distribution. The new key design makes the Cornetto more ergonomic.

The second prize went to Aarish Netarwala for the robust Adidas Grit sports shoe. Grit can be worn by athletes to train more efficiently on any running surface. The sole of the shoe imitates sand, absorbs energy and tires the leg muscles faster.

bionic combination burner

Dr. Christoph Kiener and Manuel Biedermann from Siemens Corporate Technology won third prize for their design study of a bionically inspired combination burner. The 3D printed combi-burner shows how conventional components from the process industry can be shaped into organic, functionally optimized structures.

The Special Mention went to Dorthea Lang's »4D printing for motion« project. The development of dynamic, shape-changing and smart textiles should make it possible to produce individual bandages.

The purmundus Challenge took place for the third time this year. An »Innovation Prize« was also awarded for the second time. In this category, Javier G. Fernandez and Stylianos Dritsas from the Singapore University of Technology and Design were able to assert themselves with the »Fungus-like additive materials« project and the large-scale, sustainable 3D printing of natural materials.

Audience Award for 3D-printed bathtub

The Audience Award, which was chosen by the visitors of Formnext 2018 during the trade fair days so far, went to Jonas Schultzen from Sandhelden GmbH & Co. KG. With the project »The world's first bathtub from a 3D printer« Schultzen has developed new approaches for the sanitary and interior market.

The 34 finalists from England, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, France, Canada, China and Germany included designers, start-ups and universities as well as clinics and renowned industrial companies. The products submitted ranged from lamps made of sand to endoprostheses and individual sports bras and shoes. In addition, several participants also discussed the use of recycled and biodegradable materials. Other submission topics included fashion, architecture, musical instruments, leisure and components for the automotive industry.