Inconspicuous treasures

by Thomas Masuch

On the search for the highlights of Formnext 2018, it's also worth taking a look away from the big players.

12/10/2018 - Formnext has already become the most important entry in the additive trade fair calendar. And in November, visitors to Frankfurt will again be able to marvel at numerous premieres and certainly spectacular new products. However, still most of the big players in the industry keep their trade fair innovations to themselves.

Nevertheless, we have already been able to identify numerous innovations that will be exhibited at Formnext 2018. We have already presented some of these novelties in the online edition of the formnext magazine. Most of them come from companies that are not normally the focus of reporting.

not only as users but also as service providers

These innovations show a remarkable trend: More and more companies from the "traditional" industry are discovering additive manufacturing for their business. Interestingly, they operate not only as users but also as service providers. Medium and larger traditional companies such as Gebr. Becker, Henkel, MKS Instruments, Nabertherm and many more have expanded their product range with special solutions for industrial 3D printing. In my opinion the focus is on AM hardware, materilals and on post-processing.

The new products are not always as spectacular as the presentation of new, groundbreaking manufacturing technologies. But furnaces, blowers, exhibition equipment and adhesives optimized for additive manufacturing are also making a decisive contribution to the industry. They help to drive additive manufacturing further in the direction of industrialization. Because even major developments often move in small steps. And as in other life situations, at Formnext it is also worth taking a look at the inconspicuous things or products. Here, exciting treasure chests can be opened - albeit often more discreetly.