»Softest TPU«

At Formnext 2018, Sinterit launches new material for small SLS 3D printers

At Formnext 2018 Sinterit will show the softest TPU powder dedicated for small SLS 3D printers, called Flexa Soft, as the company reports. With the lowest hardness (measured in Shore A type scale) in this material range, it offers a wide usability.

The company will be present at Formnext with both printers: flagship Lisa and this year special Lisa Pro. Along with the two systems, Sinterit is planning to launch several new powders. As for now, the company has in its offer PA12, PA11 Onyx and three TPU materials - Flexa Black, Flexa Grey and Flexa Soft.

»Our clients are very keen on experimenting with new powders and continually asking us to develop new ones, which will broaden the manufacturing possibilities of both Sinterit Lisa printers«, says Konrad Glowacki, one of the co-founders of Sinterit.

First Opportunity

Formnext 2018 will be the first opportunity to see the new Flexa Soft by Sinterit. This material from the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes) group has exceptional softness, between 40 - 55 in Shore A type scale. According to Sinterit, the range of application is extensive: from fashion to medicine.

In the last few years, based on medical imaging, 3D printing is getting the well-deserved attention of medical researchers, academics and practitioners. For some surgeons, it became the routine to use 3D printed models before the operation. According to Sinterit, softer materials have the advantage that they are easier to cut with a scalpel.

Until now, Sinterit was answering the needs of fashion designers with another material called Flexa Black. Now the possibilities are broader, as Flexa Soft can easily adjust to the wearer’s body. And it is not even close to the finish line. During Formnext 2018 Sinterit will launch a few more materials.

Sinterit at Formnext 2018:

  • Hall 3.1 - Stand G41