„Start-up Challenge helped us to believe that we can make it“

Text: Thomas Masuch / Fotos: Sinterit

After winning the formnext Start-up Challenge 2015 Sinterit has achieved success worldwide.

Three years ago, Polish Start-up Sinterit has been awarded the formnext Start-up Challenge’s winner trophy. After that the young company that is specialized in desktop SLS printers has developed amazingly. The three co-founders Konrad Glowacki, Pawel Szczurek (ex-google employees) and Michal Moszczynski (had worked for ABB) initially started Sinterit in one of the Kraków's basements. Now the rapidly growing company has its production facility in Kraków's city center and employs about 30 people. Sinterit’s SLS printer named Lisa has been delivered to customers all over the world already.

And the company has successfully remained a steadfast exhibitor at formnext: At formnext 2017 the team sold 14 systems during and after the exhibition. We spoke with Konrad Glowacki, one of the co-founders, about future plans and about how formnext Start-up Challenge has supported the successful development during the past years.


When did Sinterit start and what had been the founder’s motivation?

Konrad Glowacki: In the beginning, in 2013, there was a dream of making SLS technology available to everyone. The three co-founders worked day and nights to build a prototype of our first printer - Sinterit Lisa. Now we are happy to be a producer of the first desktop SLS printer with satisfied clients all over the world. We actually started the segment of desktop printers in sinter lasering technology, which was previously only available via big costly machines or sub-contracting.

Can you please give us some information about how your product and service has developed since?

Glowacki: Our product range is getting more and more comprehensive. We can offer the end-to-end system with the sieve and sandblaster, which is extremely easy-to-learn and complete system to start your SLS adventure. Our R&D team is working on introducing some new materials and technologies. We welcome the future with excitement. We have a lot of customers now and have improved our product including better automated software, more intuitive operation and making post-processing easier and more effective etc.

What were the key-steps for success, and how did the formnext Start-up Challenge help you?

Glowacki: We believe that when you have passion and firmly believe in your product, the success will come. One of our values is to enhance the creativity of our clients. Listening to consumers feedback and don't stop in developing the best solutions. The Start-up Challenge helped us to believe that we can make it and deliver the value to this niche market. We got also more interest from the part of customers as well as distributors after the announcement of the prize. And besides that, thanks to FIT investment at the beginning of 2017 our growth has been faster than expected.


What are the furthers targets?

Glowacki: Constant growing, new product development and spreading the word about SLS technology are just a few of our goals for the nearest future. We have introduced online sale, but most importantly we are intensively developing our distribution network. Now we have around 30 distributors including Korea, Singapore, Australia, Brasil etc. We are now open to distribute in the USA.


Konrad, thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

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